St Claire Thompson Adenoid Currette

St Claire Thompson adenoid currette with cage (Dismantled)

Beckmann adenoid currette without cage

Adenoidectomy could be performed using St.Clair Thompson adenoid currette. It is held like a dagger in the operating hand. There are 2 types of adenoid currettes i.e. one with a cage and other without it. If one with cage is available the cage can be dismantled and used as a currette without cage. The cage holds the adenoid tissue preventing aspiration into the lungs.

Adenoid currette without cage is used to remove remnant adenoid tissue as well as tubal tonsils since it causes minimal trauma to the tissue. Using the currette with cage to remove the tubal tonsil may traumatize the pharyngeal end of the tube causing permanent damage to the middle ear ventilation.

Both these instruments should be held in the dominant hand like a dagger. The head of the currette is passed under the soft palate. After it has engaged with the adenoid tissue, the head of the patient is stabilized with the non dominant hand of the surgeon. The adenoid tissue is scooped out by a inferior to superior motion of the hand.

This is actually a blind procedure. Vision can be assisted by prudent use of Dental mirror introduced under the soft palate or by using a wide angled rigid endoscope.