Mollison self retaining hemostatic mastoid retractor

Tilley Lichtwicz trochar canula

Antral Puncture and Lavage:

This self retaining retractor is used commonly in mastoid surgeries.

1. To Harvest temporalis fascia graft

2. To expose the mastoid cortex and hold the soft tissue apart

3. In difficult neck surgical procedures where two hands need to be free

4. In surgeries involving the skull

It has two prongs of equal size.

Each of these prongs has 4 teeth. The teeth not only helps in holding the soft tissue apart, it firmly anchors the retractor to the bone.

It has a ratchet and mechanism to anchor the prongs in a set position.

The ratchet mechanism can be operated by using the thumb and index fingers.


1. Allows the surgeon to have both hands free

2. Retracts the soft tissue away from the surgical field

3. Has a hemostatic effect because it firmly holds the soft tissue and skin apart. This pressure keeps the area blood free.